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    Really quite adorable Disney/Star Wars mashups by James Silvani

    Aayla/Rapunzel with Yoda/Pascal is the best.  So great.

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  2. 1nsomnizac:

    listen kiddo, i spent twenty years living alone in an endless desert with nothing but the memories of my best friend turning evil, cutting said best friends legs off and leaving him for dead, and all the guilt that comes with knowing i never guessed that guy i saw on a regular basis was evil magician space hitler. so if i cope with that by telling myself my friend was killed by darth vader you’re going to cut me some slack.

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  3. princess-slay-ya:

    My most popular post has received a lot of arguments lately, so I figured I’d respond to the most common points people bring up.


    Carrie Fisher on her costumes 

    what supermodels wear in hell

     on Padme’s wardrobe 

    to get a general gist of Queen Jamillia’s and Oola’s screen time, here are the scripts for Attack of the Clones (Jamillia is in 359 word scene) and Return of the Jedi (Oola is in scenes that add up to 275 words)

    Star Wars Bechedel Test results  here

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  4. buffangel:


    Being good to each other is so important, guys.

    This might be my fav tumblr post ever


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    Oh hell, here comes a whole ‘nother meme: “Andy Dwyer’s lines as spoken by Star-Lord.”

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    Appropriate for “Kenobi”. The Tuskens are great antagonists.

  8. Adorable.

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    Here’s an HD version.

    Reading “Kenobi” right now. It’s a great book so far.

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    It’s a weird time to be a Star Wars fan. So, let us help you through it with our guide to the Star Wars Expanded Universe


  11. New screenshots of Mordheim unveil the Sisters of Sigmar!


    Made up exclusively of women, the Sisters of Sigmar fight in the City of the Damned not for glory nor power, but to secure the Wyrdstone, and prevent its plague from engulfing the rest of the Empire.

    Riches and infamy await you late 2014 in Mordheim: City of the Damned. Share the screenshots with your friends!





  12. starwars:

    This October, the newly formed Empire faces a rising rebellion.

    I am actually very excited about this.

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    I know the Millennium Falcon has stirred the loins of all genders at one pint or another, but for me it was always about the X-wing.

    The Incom T-65. The space superiority fighter. The chosen sword of the Rebellion, Republic, Rogue Squadron, and discerning PC gaming space dogfighters everywhere.

    Way to bring some sexy back, JJ.

    So very exited about this little teaser….

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